You guys this post has been almost a YEAR in the making. That is how long I’ve been testing out natural, organic face cleanser and moisturizer.  These two items have been at the TOP of my list to swap in my better for you beauty series. I feel like since I wash my face and moisturize at least twice a day, I want the products I use to be the safest possible.

During my search, I tried at least 8 different natural beauty brands, giving them each a month or so to test their effectiveness.  I found that the products either didn’t work or made me break out…and I spent hundred in the process.

Lucky for you (and your wallet), I’ve found an end all be all, organic face cleanser and moisturizer that I think you’ll LOVE.

Pura Organics is a new, all natural beauty brand founded by megababe Molly Fay.  Her goal was to create an all-natural skincare company with effective ingredients that also focuses on prevention.

Umm…sign me up!

Aside from the effectiveness of the products, I LOVE the chic, glass containers. I am a sucker for aesthetics. I am also OBSESSED with the scent of these products. It’s subtle but also heavenly–I can’t stop raving about it.

Now that I’ve been using these products for a few months, I can confidently share each with you + why I love them:

Rejuvenating Cleanser

The Rejuvenating Cleanser was effective at taking off ALL of my makeup, including my mascara which almost never happens. I love that you only need about two small pumps of this product which will help it last.  The consistency is more milky and less of a foam which is a PLUS in my book.  It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and hydrated.


 Firming Night Moisturizer

Confession: I use the Firming Night Moisturizer both day and night. It has a lightweight consistency but it’s still very effective in keeping my skin healthy and hydrated.  On top of that, this moisturizer helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles and promotes firmer skin.


Nourishing Face & Body Scrub

This product now lives in my shower! At first I was skeptical about the effectiveness of a face AND body scrub doing double duty, especially because the consistency of this product is similar to tiny grains of sand. HOLY WOW was I blow away by the Nourishing Face and Body Scrub. Not only did it make my skin so soft and smooth, but my face was noticeably brighter the next day.  I try and use this product 2-3 times a week and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite Pura Organics products.

Have you guys tried Pura Organics? What are some all natural beauty brands you love?