You guys know I love to get hyperlocal when traveling. But living like a local doesn’t have to end when your vacation does.

Before I travel to a destination, I research what goods the town is best known for whether it be olive oils, silks, spices or liquors.  Then, I make it my mission to bring some of these delicacies home with me.  Not only are these souvenirs usually the best of the best, but each time I use them they remind me of my travels.

This past summer I visited the South of France and Lake Como (vlogs coming soon) and found some amazing beauty products I wanted to share.

3 Beauty Products To Buy In Europe

First up, FRANCE.  I snagged some perfume from Pan Des Sens and a luxe hand cream both in a jasmine scent.  Jasmine is kind of my jam. If I was important enough to have a “signature scent”…this would be it!

These products were special to me because they are actually made in the South of France where we were staying. Also, they also only use natural and organic ingredients free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicone and aluminum and they don’t test on animals. There’s a reason french beauty products have a cult-following!

I’m so glad I found Pan Des Sens online because I just ordered myself some candles which my husband banned me from purchasing, since my suitcase was already overweight. OOPS!

In Italy, I also HAD to snag one of my OG beauty products: Acqua Di Rose (rose water) from Santa Maria Novella, a 15th century apothecary.  Celebrities like Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Olivia Palermo and are devotees and for good reason! The rose water is alcohol-free and famous for its antiseptic, purifying and anti-oxidant properties.

I use the rose water as a toner and to make my DIY makeup setting spray.  It makes my skin GLOW. It also has the most lovely scent!!

Do you babes have any other European beauty favs? What other beauty products do I need to scoop up on my next trip?



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