Better For You Beauty

You guys I sweat. Like a lot, a lot.

While other girls just seemed to “glow” in gym class I was a hot, sweaty mess. Blame it on my Italian genes? As a result, I am totally one of those girls who carries a stick of deodorant around in her purse (I know some of your are there with me).

So here’s the deal. As you know I launched a “better for you” beauty series on this blog to clean up my beauty routine a bit and share the non-toxic swaps that actually work.

Finding the best all natural deodorant that’s cleaner, aluminum free has been at the TOP of my list.

What’s up with aluminum?

It’s a toxic, heavy metal that mimics estrogen and is linked to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia and Autism. And while there is no strong evidence of a link between aluminum and cancer I’m not taking my chances.  “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence”…right?!

If I can avoid sticking aluminum near by breasts and lymph nodes, then I’m going to do it. It’s just my stance. I’m not perfect, I don’t claim to be and there are lots of products I won’t compromise on (lookin’ at you Armani Foundation).  Life is alllll about BALANCE right?

I’ve tried quite a few all natural deodorants with absolutely ZERO success.  The deodorants either didn’t work at all or do at first, only to wear off midday. It’s a damn science.

While on a recent visit to my meditation studio, I noticed a tube of Agent Nateur sitting on the apothecary shelves. I was told it was THE end all be all in my search for the best all natural deodorant.


I’ve been wearing Agent Nateur for a few weeks now and wanted to REALLY make sure I loved it before sharing with you.  I’ve tested this deodorant in hot yoga classes and at the beach.  It without fail, keeps me dry and odor free well into the evening!

Agent Nateur is LEGIT. Yes, it’s pricey but the scent is intoxicating (honey, lavender and eucalyptus) and most importantly IT WORKS. Each  “holi (stick)” of deodorant is also handmade with food-grade ingredients, non-GMO, pesticide-free and aluminum free.

I use Agent Nateur’s original scent but I saw they came out with a new rose scent,  which must also be pretty bomb seeing as it’s sold out everywhere.

If you’ve been thinking about switching our your current deodorant with a natural, aluminum free version, your search ends here. THIS.IS.IT!

Shop Agent Nateur All Natural Deodorant:

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