This past Sunday we hosted a gender reveal for Baby Karl at my parent’s house. We decided to pop a giant balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti. It was a good idea in theory BUT the balloon was huge and barely fit into our Jeep! We nervously drove the balloon home 20 minutes away as it bounced around the backseat and prayed it didn’t pop before the party.

The gender reveal was SUCH a fun memory to share with our family and friends. I can’t wait to show Baby Karl this video someday too.

Matt and I had NO feelings whatsoever on the sex of the baby until our last ultrasound.  While the tech was careful to hide the anatomy from us, I thought the baby looked just like my husband so my guess was BOY!

Check out our gender reveal video below to see if we were right!!

If we’re friends on Instagram, you already know this summer we ended our 2 week trip to Europe in Lake Como, Italy! I’m still working on my full travel vlog and hope to be able to share that with you guys next week. In the meantime, I thought it’d be fun to do a little […]

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After our quick 24 hours in Paris we headed to spend 4 nights in the South of France!  To get to the South of France you’ll need to take a quick one hour flight from Paris to Nice.  After that it’s about 30 mins to Cannes by car, which is where we made our home-base. […]

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I can’t believe this is my first VLOG! I’ve been thinking about posting one forever and finally decided to just go for it during my trip to Miami. I had a lot of fun putting this little video diary together. The difficult part was actually remembering to film while I was in the moment, so this […]

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