I can’t believe this is my first VLOG! I’ve been thinking about posting one forever and finally decided to just go for it during my trip to Miami.

I had a lot of fun putting this little video diary together. The difficult part was actually remembering to film while I was in the moment, so this time around there are some Snapchats weaved into the VLOG. I am sure I will get better at these as time rolls on!

I was also super busy with work during my stay in Miami but I did find some time to have fun.  My friend Zena and I took a private, rooftop yoga session at sunset. We also visited El Tucan, a Latin cabaret, for dinner and I even tried salsa dancing! Our last day in Miami was completely free so we spent our time by the pool and at the spa.

Finally, NO trip to Miami would ever be complete with endless amounts of Cuban coffee. I am absolutely addicted to the stuff and the best places are often super inconspicuous. The one we went to in the VLOG can be found on 1st and Collins in SoFi. At first glance you’d think it’s just a cigar shop but I am DREAMING about one of their Cafecitos with “un poquito” sugar!!

Oh and I know there will be questions, so here are the details on my travel uniform: dark green leggings from VSX, Adidas sneakers, Good HYOUman sweatshirt and nude bomber.

Let me know what you think of my first VLOG and if you guys like them then I’ll be sure to film more!! You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel here.