colourpop liquid lipstick

Love her or hate her, Kylie Jenner does a mean grunge lip. Her signature Kylie Lip Kit sold out twice and both times, within a matter of minutes.

So, today we’re taking you along on our quest for the “Kylie lip”, because the ’90s are having a moment and we’re so down with that.

 Colourpop’s Liquid Lipsticks are super impressive dupes and wallet friendly at only $6 each. They’re applied like a gloss but dry like a matte lipstick and stay on pretty much ALL day. We even have to use makeup remover at night to get the color off fully.

Here are four ways to get the grunge lip: 

Colourpop Beeper

colourpop beeper

Colourpop’s BEEPER was my absolute favorite! Tons of beauty blogs are toting BEEPER as an exact match to Kylie’s “Dolce K”. I love this color because it’s great for both day/night and really works with my skintone!

Colourpop Chilly Chili

colour pop chilly chili

Colourpop’s CHILLY CHILI wasn’t completely Kylie but I do really love the color. It’s a “muted plummy brown” and def brings the drama.

Colourpop Limbo

colourpop limbo

Colourpop’s LIMBO is another one getting a lot of beauty blog buzz. This one is very similar to Kylie’s “True Brown K“.  A truly grunge look, I’d likely only wear this for evening as a statement lip.

Colourpop Tulle

colourpop tulle

Colourpop’s TULLE was the least like any of Kylie’s in my opinion, however I really fell in love with the color. It’s one I can see myself wearing on the daily and purchasing over and over again.

A Close Up Comparison:

colour pop kylie jenner dupes

Hand Swatches:

colourpop lip swatches

[Left to Right: Beeper, Chilly Chili, Limbo, Tulle]

TIP: use a nude liner before applying the liquid lipstick to keep the color from bleeding while it’s drying! 

We’re curious…have any of you gotten your hands on the Kylie Lip Kit? Has anyone found other great dupes?!