how to overcome jealousy

Confession: last week another blogger shared the news of her new business venture and it immediately made me jealous because it’s something I’ve been dreaming about in my own life, but I’m not quite there yet. When I saw she beat me too it I felt it all : envy, rage and even that I had to give up on that dream.

It doesn’t happen often but every once in a while I let this emotion get the best of me. Do you ever get envious when someone achieves something you really want but don’t have? How about a when your bestie gets that new car you’ve been manifesting for years? What about the mom who gets to stay at home with her kids while you have to work all day or conversely the mom that get to dress up and go to work while you stay at home with the kids in yoga pants?

Here’s the thing, it’s totally natural to compare ourselves to others, especially in the age of Instagram when you’re constantly flooded with everyone’s highlight reel. As Seth Goodin put it “the internet is an envy amplifier.”

Jealousy though, is a slippery slope.

When we see someone that has something we want, we feel we can’t have it too. We start to see the abundance in others as LACK in ourselves. This creates a scarcity mindset. When you’re focused on what you DON’T have you get more of that…nothing, lack and scarcity.

This all goes back to the Law of Attraction which simply put is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on…good AND bad. It’s often forgotten that the Law of Attraction works BOTH ways.

The good news is that jealousy doesn’t have to be a wasted emotion. Read on to find out how you can actually use those feelings of envy work for you!

how to overcome jealousy and make it work for you not against you

How To Overcome Jealousy & Make It Work FOR You: 

  1. Acknowledge your feelings of jealousy.  Feeling envious toward another person is often a clue from the universe that this is something coming to you too! Other people are often mirrors and their light reflects your own. When someone has something you want, rather than see it as lack, choose to see it as something that is FOR SURE coming to you too.
  2. Celebrate the abundance in others. Be proud of your friends, family and even that stranger you follow on the internet.  By feeling good about others successes it raises your energy levels and your attracting power is amplified. Celebrate what they have and KNOW it’s attracting that into your own life. Remember: abundance breeds abundance.
  3. Shift Your Energy. Focus on being grateful for the things you DO have at this moment. Feeling happy NOW is the fastest way to bring what you want into your life. One of my favorite ways to do this is to turn to my gratitude practice.

Stopping jealousy in it’s tracks and manifesting YOUR dream life is all about shifting your energy, raising your vibration and inner abundance. When your operating on high vibe frequency, everything flows to you naturally and with ease.

Stop comparing, judging and attacking. Instead celebrate, honor and be proud.  Know that this mindset will only support you in attracting all you desire.

Curious! What are your thoughts on jealousy? How do you combat the green eyed monster?