I made a decision a few years back that has drastically changed my relationships, career and general outlook on life.

Are you ready? Here it is:

I am not available for low vibe people.

Point blank. Period.

I don’t have a single low vibe friend. I’ve unfortunately had to distance myself from certain family members who only spew negativity. I’ve turned down potential clients who would have paid my bills TEN times over, because of the overall icky feeling that lingered long after their physical presence was gone.  I learned the hard way to trust my gut and intuition on that one!

I’m fully aware it can’t always be good vibes only. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be supportive of a loved one who might be going through a tough time. After all, being there for your fam/friends in times of need is what love and friendship is ALL about.

SO…how do you identify low vibe people and what to do about them? Let’s discuss…

Who are low vibe people?

Low vibe people LOVE drama. They invest in it, they engage in it and often they CREATE it.  These people can be “friends”, co-workers and even family members. Low vibe people LOVE to talk about negative things, constantly bring up the past and gossip about others. They have a victim mindset and things are always happening TO them.

Why is it a problem?

Low vibe people suck the life out of you.  They inject poison and if you stay around them their vibe can swallow your dreams and effect YOUR life.

From daily meditation and my gratitude practice to metaphysical juju, I work REALLY hard at being positive.  It takes SO much energy to be positive and you have the right to protect your energy.

How to deal with low vibe people

  1. Start by becoming aware of all of the low vibe people in your life (if you aren’t already) and notice how much energy it’s sucking out of YOU.
  2. Decide to let go of ALL the negative, low vibe people in your life. Unfortunately this may mean it’s time to break up with some “friends.”  While it’s natural to want to want to help or fix someone, you can’t change a low vibe person—they will only change when THEY want to change. Hold space for them and let them come through in their time.
  3. While we choose our friends, we can’t choose our family.  My suggestion is to have an open and honest conversation with low vibe family members. Lovingly let them know you accept and love them but if they continue being this person, which IS their choice, that you’re going to continue to drift apart as you keep your distance. Which is YOUR choice.
  4. Send compassion, even to strangers! Think about this: the way we talk and speak to others, is our inner talk. When people are negative or mean to other people, they are usually in pain themselves. So be sure to be extra kind.

Lastly, I want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes to keep in mind: “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”– Eleanor Roosevelt

Curious: Have you guys encountered low vibe people in your lives? How do you handle the negative energy?

Also: HUGE shout out to Cara of The Champagne Diet for inspiring this post by putting into words something I’ve put into practice for many years. I HIGHLY recommend her books & podcast to better your mindset, manifest your dreams and learn to celebrate life in the process!