looking over shoulder

Bodysuit (i love it bc it’s a thong) | White raw hem denim | Choker (similar) | Bag | Heels (similar here)

So I’m sitting here wondering how I’ve lived in Chicago for nearly 5 years and I’ve NEVER made it to Chinatown.  Last week I went for the first time and I’ve already been back twice since.

The architecture, amazing restaurants, Thai rolled ice cream, K POP (Korean pop karaoke) and the people! It was like I had been transported to the far east in 15 minutes flat.  It definitely didn’t feel like I was in Chicago anymore and after downing a huge bowl of the BEST ramen I’ve ever had, I was hooked.

Following my trip to Europe, I had a little bit of vacation depression. Stepping outside of my comfort zone to explore a new hood in my city is just what I needed to curb my waderlusty ways.

If you’re not able to take a vacation this summer, let me suggest being a tourist in your own city.  It doesn’t matter if you live in Chicago, IL or  Mingo Jct., OH…there’s some corner in your town you have yet to meet!  Spend the day exploring a new neighborhood, check out an event or street fest you might not attend otherwise or book a staycation for yourself at a cool new hotel.

I feel like my point in all of this is “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Have any of you discovered some amazing local gems where you live? Leave them in comment below!


all white outfit from the back

off the shoulder top gold choker

all white outfit

fringe stud heels

street style chinatown