H&M Nude Bodysuit (similar here & here) | Jeans (similar) | Clear Strap Heels

My summer uniform is having a nude moment. Some ripped jeans, a bodysuit and a chic pair of heels is such an easy go-to for those “I have nothing to wear” situations.

This was exactly the case yesterday evening, when a friend invited me to a media dinner to try the new menu at a newly redesigned Atwood.  After a long work day, I was able to get there on time since I didn’t have to dwell on what to wear.

Atwood is located in the Chicago Loop at the Alise hotel, it’s a great spot for both visitors and afterwork drinks! Actually one of my favorite cocktails is appropriately named “The Conference Call.”

Speaking of the Alise hotel, the building was once home to Al Capone’s dentist and the original door still exists on the 6th floor. As it turns out, the dentist was later discovered to actually be a drug dealer and it’s suspected that the room was actually a façade for Capone’s “business” ventures.

Speaking of secrets, do you have a summer uniform? Do tell!