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I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! It feels like just yesterday I was sharing the news and writing my first trimester bumpdate!

I used to think pregnancy would be nine anxiety ridden months full of aches, pains and deprivation. I am SUPER surprised to find that I’m actually really enjoying the entire process.  I hear the second trimester is the “honeymoon” phase so I’m curious to see if these feelings will be carried through the remainder of my pregnancy!?

Now that my second trimester is behind me, I am excited to share an update on how things are going:

second trimester update

Favorite Moments So Far:

One of the top moments of my second trimester was finding out Baby Karl was a BOY at our gender reveal with family and friends! Also feeling him kick like crazy, usually when mom is trying to go to bed or sleep in. I think he’s trying to prepare me for sleep deprivation in the future!

Physical Changes:

Holy energy! Most days I feel like super woman. I took down all of our Christmas decorations, organized every last closet and cleaned our entire place (including the baseboards) all in one day. Is it possible to already be in nesting mode?

One bummer is low back pain! I’m very much carrying all out front and it’s put a lot of stress on my low back.  I can’t complain otherwise since there are many days that go by where I forget I am even pregnant.


Major update from the first trimester, I MISS WINE! We’ll be together again soon, my old friend. I’m also still very into citrus fruits and saucy carbs like pizza and pasta.

I’m typically more of a salty person and not too into sweets, but I feel like I was in a cookie eating contest the entire month of December. I wanted to get back to eating healthier and focusing on giving baby more nutritious food options to help him grow strong!

As a reset, I’m doing Whole30 the entire month of Jan. Although the Whole 30 program discourages snacking, that rule goes out the window when your preggers and since my body needs the extra cals I DO enjoy two, Whole 30 approved snacks per day. So far it’s been super easy and even my husband loves all the paleo dinners I’ve been making! If you’re doing Whole30 or into eating Paleo, I’m sharing my meal and snack ideas over on my Instagram story highlight!


I’m trying to stay as active as possible for as long as possible.  My week usually consists of Orange Theory, Barre, Yoga and walking on an incline on the treadmill. In addition, I’ll often do home workouts at night! I got a leg/booty band and it’s been a game changer for traveling and cold winter days when I don’t feel like hitting up the gym.

Best Purchases:

  • The Snoogle (pregnancy pillow) that was purchased for me by a friend has been a life saver! It’s helped to keep me sleeping on my side at night AND alleviates some of the back pain.
  • Beyond Yoga maternity leggings. Although pricey, these are the best lululemon/alo quality leggings I could find. Most others fall down, aren’t tight enough in the right places or tend to be seethrough. I love these SO much I’m buying a second pair.
  • Designer maternity jeans. Friends of mine convinced me to make the splurge noting that’d I’d probably still be wearing them a month or two after delivery. Also, since we plan to have at least one other baby in the future, they’ll get their use!

Baby Preparations:

We honestly haven’t done much to prepare for baby’s arrival aside from creating our registry. I have my baby shower next month and I’m starting to feel eager to get organized.

We’re also taking a child birth preparation class and I’m taking one on breastfeeding! I’m especially excited because after completing the class, the consultant will make a house call should you have any issues in the first weeks home with baby!

If you guys have ONE, MUST HAVE baby product please share it with me in a comment below!