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At the time of writing this post, I’m just returning home from a sound meditation. It was truly the most blissful hour and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys while I’m still experiencing ALL THE FEELS.

As you know, I am no stranger to meditation. I practice daily as part of my morning self care routine but doing it in a group setting with the assistance of sound was definitely a first for me.

My sound meditation session was led by Liz, the owner of Anatomy Redefined in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Liz is so warm, knowledgeable and a straight up spiritual gangster. I could honestly talk to her for hours and that we did (see our Q&A below).

After ditching my shoes, I headed into the studio.  The first thing I noticed were the ornate, gold planetary gongs and beautiful crystal signing bowls, which reminded me of an altar of sorts.

We were instructed to get comfy on a floor mat. I slipped under a blanket, placed a lavender pillow over my eyes and prepared to surrender myself to the magic.

When Liz first started playing the gongs my mind started racing. Thoughts popped up seemingly from every direction and I felt frustrated that I might miss out on the experience.

Then, as I started to shift my focus to my breath and the sound of gongs, I must have what I can only describe as “left my body”, because the next thing I knew our session was over and Liz was calling us to be present.

You guys, this was one of the deepest states of relaxation I’ve ever experienced. Any stress I had from the day seemed to melt away and the hour FLEW by. I was able to achieve a meditative state much faster than doing it on my own and without the assistance of sound.

I also did a little Q&A with Liz to get your guys ALL the details (be sure to scroll down to the bottom because she’s offering a special discount for BABESKILLS readers):

What Exactly is Sound Meditation?

Sound is one of oldest forms of healing and has been used by nearly every culture all over the world.

Sound meditation is the use of therapeutic instruments played in an intuitive way.  It’s an extremely effective and powerful tool for physical and energetic healing/self care. You don’t just hear the vibrations but you FEEL them within your body.

Sound helps pull us back into our body and restore our connection within.


Benefits Of Sound Meditation:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Induces a Meditative State
  • Promotes Deep Relaxation
  • Enhances Creativity
  • Helps Gain Clarity Into Life’s Questions
  • Uplifts Your Spirit/Personal Vibration


The Science Behind The Woo Woo:

There is a thing called the Law Of Vibration which states “anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into in it’s purest form, consists of energy which resonates and exists as a vibration or frequency”. This means every bone, organ and tissue in our bodies has a different and specific vibration or frequency. When we’re healthy and in state of well being they are all blending together to create a positive harmonic. When we’re stressed out, ill or just not feeling good, generally there is a part of the body where the vibration rate has actually change.

Sound allows the body to absorb the frequencies of gongs and bowls to restore personal harmony.


How Often Should You Practice Sound Meditation?

You can practice as often as you want. We spend so much time with our physical bodies, practicing yoga and drinking green juice, but that’s only half us. We have this whole energetic and spiritual aspect that is so often ignored. Most people practice weekly/biweekly as part of their self care routine while others come in for a “tune up” when having a crappy few weeks.


What Should You Do After A Sound Meditation:

Be really, really good to yourself! Once you tune into taking care of yourself, you want to embrace that. Take a bath, enjoy some tea and do some journaling. After being in theta frequency waves during meditation, you tap into deep things about yourself and your creativity so it’s nice to jot those down.


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>>> You can book your sound meditation online.

I can’t wait to hear about your sound meditation experiences!!