After our quick 24 hours in Paris we headed to spend 4 nights in the South of France!  To get to the South of France you’ll need to take a quick one hour flight from Paris to Nice.  After that it’s about 30 mins to Cannes by car, which is where we made our home-base.


Cannes was beautiful and it was fun to see where the celebs walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Fest.

We usually spent our days relaxing at a beach club. I highly recommend Baoli Beach–you can rent lounge chairs and you’ll have a server to wine and dine you all day.

After spending time in the sun, we usually strolled La Croisette which is the main road that stretches along the beach. Here you’ll find Dior, Hermes, Chanel and other designer stores.  We also ventured to Rue D’Antibes another quaint street with more affordable shopping.  Don’t forget to stock up on french beauty products!

As far as eats go, you can’t miss La Table Du Chef (book reservations way in advance). It’s $65 euro per person and there’s no menu. They bring you about 6 courses and it’s such a fun experience.  It’s quite famous, so as I mentioned advanced reservations are a MUST. Funny story: we rolled up to La Table Du Chef and I was SO proud of myself for actually snagging these reservations months in advance. Long story short, we discovered I booked La Table Du Chef alright….in QUEBEC, CANADA. I was SO defeated, but the chef felt SO bad for us he invited us back a few days later and squeezed us in.

My absolute FAVORITE evening in Cannes was hands down dinner at Baoli (not to be confused with the day/beach club).  This is the place to see and be seen so be sure to dress accordingly! We enjoyed dinner, a live DJ and people were dancing on their chairs while swinging their napkins in the air. It’s something you HAVE to experience once.

Lastly, you can’t miss Le Suquet, the older quarter of Cannes with cobbled streets lined with fabulous local restaurants. We loved to stroll this street after dinner with some ice cream!

St. Tropez:

If getting to St. Tropez wasn’t so difficult we definitely would have stayed here for a few nights.  To get to St. Tropez from Cannes, you basically have 3 options:

  • Car- but caution, what should be a 1 HR trip can take upwards of 8 in summer traffic.
  • Ferry-a 1 hour ride from Cannes to St. Tropez .
  • Ubercopter -yes it’s a thing and for $260 Euro per person you can take the scenic route and get there in 15 mins flat.

We opted for the ferry since I have a major fear of flying (agh) and after the transatlantic flight plus the jaunt from Paris, I had had enough. Otherwise we SO would have done Ubercopter because how boss is that?! If I only for the gram 🙂

St. Tropez was BY FAR my favorite place is the South of France. It was swanky, glamorous and you TOTALLY feel special here. I get why hollywood’s elite holiday in this town.

We started the day exploring the city in the Port of Cannes and grabbed a Dior stamped coffee at Dior Des Lices which I HIGHLY recommend.

After that we took an uber to the famous Pampelonne beach where all day clubs are located!  We booked the first seating at Bagatelle and snagged beach lounges to enjoy champs and french fries while catching some sun. The second seating at 3 PM gets a little crazy with a live DJ and you’ll see people dancing on the tables in the middle of the day!  If we didn’t have a ferry to catch we would have stayed because well, we like to party!

Have you guys been to Cannes or St. Tropez? What did we miss? What are you favs?