Do you always see repeating numbers like 11:11 on the clock or 444 in a phone number for example? Maybe you have a certain number, like 12, that you ALWAYS notice? These are your angel numbers!

What are angel numbers?

Seeing repeating numeric patterns is not coincidence and they are often referred to as “angel numbers”. Think of them as little winks from the universe. Often times the more you notice angel numbers…the more you see them.

How To Use Angel Numbers:
There is usually a special message behind each angel number sequence. Trust that your intuition about each sequence is always right.

I usually notice my angel number (11:11) when I’m being creative or pondering an important decision. Everytime I see 11:11 I smile, because I KNOW the universe is signaling that I’m on the right path and onto something good!

If I’m starting to see another set of repeating numbers I’ll do a quick google search (ex: Angel number 222) to uncover it’s specific meaning. It’s also important to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings when you notice these repeating numbers.

Common Angel Numbers and What They Mean:

  • Number 11:11- you are on the right path and totally aligned.
  • Number 555- HUGE, life changes are ahead.
  • Number 888- This is the angel number of abundance in all forms. So it could mean you’re a magnet for money, love, health or all of the above.

Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet:

Download my complete angel numbers cheat sheet to discern what the Universe is trying to tell you: