how to grow brows and lashes naturally

Who doesn’t love long, thick brows and lush, fluttery lashes?!

For my wedding I upped my game with lash extensions and in the past I’ve also used Latisse (which turned my eyelids purple) and GrandeLash (which I LOVE but can’t use while pregnant).

So, for the past few months I’ve been using one of the easiest, most effective clean beauty DIYs to grow my brows and lashes naturally!

castor oil for brows

I’ve been making this simple serum which contains only TWO ingredients: Castor oil & Vitamin E!

  • Castor Oil-has been know for growing lashes for ages (the Egyptians used it to fight baldness). Castor Oil is jam packed with nutrients like fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins that help strengthen your hair, promote natural growth and a full lash line. Be sure to choose an organic, cold pressed castor oil for best results!
  • Vitamin E Oil- conditions skin and hair, which might otherwise be dry and brittle to promote growth. (Make SURE you’re using 100% Vitamin E oil so it’s not diluted. This is the one Kourtney Kardashian swears by.)

To make this DIY lash and brow serum, just squeeze equal parts castor oil and vitamin E into a dish and mix well. Then, apply the mixture to your brows and lash line NIGHTLY with a clean, eyeliner brush dedicated just for this treatment. You can also buy disposable spoolie brushes to be extra cautious you aren’t contaminating your eyes.

If you decide to give this natural eyelash and brow growth serum a try, be sure to give it at least 7-8 weeks which is the amount of time it takes to grow a completely new lash from start to finish!

Have any of you tried this natural lash and brow growth trick? 


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