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I recently came across this quote from Drew Barrymore, which some of you might have seen posted on my latest Instagram photo.

“Happiness is not this yellow, blithe, floating thing. It’s something that takes a tremendous amount of work. There’s a warrior aspect to being happy. You’ve got to fight for it. And only when you’ve got that kind of earned happiness is it really good.”

I love this quote for so many reasons. The key takeaway being while the pursuit of happiness is our right, happiness itself is NOT an entitlement. When you have an attitude of entitlement, you are putting your happiness in the hands of others and expecting happiness to be delivered to you.

Unfortunately, a lot of people see happiness only in their future. It’s a mistake to thing happiness is the goal because all we have is the present moment. Tomorrow is not promised.

You have to SHOW UP to your life every single day, complain less, express gratitude and simply do more of the things you love.

 Speaking of doing things you love, I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years! Although the blog name may have changed over the years, my mission remains the same: to have fun.  I may not have hundreds of thousands of followers, but I DO have a small army of loyal readers (you guys) whom I appreciate, admire and learn from too. That brings me more happiness and joy than you’ll ever know!

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SO babes, I leave you with this. What brings YOU joy? What’s ONE thing that brings you true happiness and that you could be doing more of daily?