Hey there, I’m Erika founder of BABESKILLS. Most days you can find me in my home office after morning meditation, pilates class and a really good cappuccino!

I am mostly known for my creativity, curated sense of style and being a champion for other women! People often refer to me as the ultimate “girl’s girl”… I’ll always tell you if my handbag is actually from Zara and if you have something in your teeth at brunch.

I am endlessly passionate about personal growth, better beauty and leading a life of authenticity.  I believe in finding a reason to celebrate every day, since the present moment is all we truly have!

I love serving the world by encouraging women to pursue their passions and manifest their dream lives.  My mission is to help women design their thoughts to recognize the incredible power and positivity they can bring to their lives when they decide to love themselves!

In addition to BABESKILLS, I work with people seeking to transform their passions into a comprehensive brand through web design, photo/video, content strategy, email marketing, social media consulting and more!

I am lucky to not only provide my clients with the digital tools to succeed, but also the power in believing in themselves.

When I’m not busy working on my blog or a client’s project, you can catch me cuddling with my yorkie Santino, trying a new restaurant with my husband or dreaming of my next vacation!

Still here? Let’s connect! Shoot me a message: babeskills(at)gmail(dot)com & be sure to follow along on Instagram

Meet The Babes Behind The Lens


Alexis Corrigan
Video Editor

Alexis Corrigan is a versatile video editor with a passion for taking puzzle pieces of footage and creating a strong story or message. Originally from Chicago, Alexis studied her craft at Columbia College and recently made the move to Los Angeles. She has worked on a wide range of projects, everything from studio feature films to short 15 to 30 second videos. A few of her well known credits within post production are in feature films such as “Divergent Series” and “Burnt” (Lionsgate & The Weinstein Company). Alexis is always interested in taking on new projects and collaborating with new people!