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Between friends, family and this Instagram post, I’ve polled OVER 100 moms about their ride or die, baby registry must-haves and a funny thing started happening. I noticed that certain products seemed to be recommended time and time again…which is a good sign of an essential in my book!

We’re living in an apartment while our house is being built so space is an issue.  I’m trying my absolute best to adopt a “less is more” philosophy for baby’s first few months and these overlapping recommendations have made registry building a breeze.

Below is a complete list of the repeat offenders! Note: this isn’t meant to be a complete list of everything you need , rather a guide to mom tested and approved ESSENTIALS.

baby registry must haves


Baby Registry Essentials (The Repeat Offenders)


Baby Gear

  • Automated Baby Bouncer: the Mamaroo or the Rock N Play were both highly recommended among all others.  Although the Mamaroo has a chic design, it does come with a significantly higher price tag so if budget is an issue the latter might be a good choice!
  • Baby Bjorn: In addition to the automated bouncer, many moms also recommended the Baby Bjorn. This one bounces by your baby’s own natural movements or a little nudge from you.  Moms love it bc it’s lighter than the Mamaroo/Rock N Play and can be easily moved from room-to-room or outdoors. I’ve heard it’s a great way to occupy your baby and sneak in shower!
  • Pack & Play: This was recommended as an essential for so many reasons. Not only will a Pack & Play keep the baby contained so you can get things done, it’s also great for travel.  Another pro-tip I received was to purchase the changer station attachment for the top, so that if you are in a 2-story house you don’t need to run upstairs to change the baby each time.
  • Baby Wrap Carrier: The cult-fav by far seems to be the Solly Baby Wrap.
  • Diaper Bag: moms seems to love backpack style diaper bag, as they are so functional and allow you to be hands free. The two highest recommended backpack diaper bags were Fawn Design & Skip Hop. I love the chic leather style and the fact that my hubs won’t feel weird toting it around too.
  • Doc-A-Totthe Doc-A-Tot was THE #1 registry essential recommended the most out of EVERYTHING! Moms love it because of it’s portability and multi-tasking skills. You can use it to allow your baby to rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and even get diaper changes! 
  • BoppyThe Boppy was recommended to go around your waist and offer give support when breastfeeding. The Boppy Lounger was also recommended (over the regular boppy) for baby chill time.


  • Sleep Sacks: I’ve been told these are crucial if we ever want to sleep again!  Sleep sacks help the baby feel safe and contained, like they were in the womb. The top 2 repeated recommendation were the Halo Sleep Sack & SwaddleMe.
  • Sound Machine/Night Light: The Hatch baby sound machine and night light combo was a big favorite. I love products that do double duty and you can control the Hatch via bluetooth using an app on your phone (which eliminates the need to enter the nursery to shut if off and possibly wake baby)! What’s even better is you can actually set programs for lighting and sounds to kick on/off automatically at certain times of the day.
  • Cool mist humidifier: Rather than wait for your baby to be sick, I’ve been told it’s an excellent idea to register for a cool mist humidifier. It also helps newborns, who can only breathe through their noses for the first 4-6 months, breathe MUCH easier.
  • Swaddles: cult fav swaddling blankets seem to be Aden & Anis and Little Unicorn. 
  • Baby Shusher: The Baby Shusher was best described to me as a traveling sound machine. People SWEAR by it and call it a miracle for calming baby. Moms use it in their living room when the baby is in their bouncer, in the car, or for travel.


  • Bottles: When it’s time to pump Tommee Tippe & Como Tomo were top rated.
  • Highchair: the top 3 high chairs were Stokke Baby (chic and pricey but moms SWEAR by it), 4MOMs (which totes a dishwasher safe, magnetic tray that snaps into place & holds down plates and bowls), IKEA (which is only $20 and has RAVE reviews).
  • Burp Cloths: word on the street is you can NEVER have enough of these. I registered for these from Burt’s Bees.

Bath Time:

  • Puj Infant Sink Tub: This tub makes it SUPER easy to bathe slippery newborns right in your sink.
  • 4Moms Tub: once your babes are out of the newborn phase, the 4Moms tub seems to be the heavy favorite.
  • Top bath and body products: Babyganics (organic) , Tubby Todd (all natural) and Noodle & Boo (expensive but smells delicious). I decided to register for two brands to try, since you never know how your baby’s skin might react.


  • Ubbi diaper pail:  I’ve been warned not to cheap out on this and Ubbi seems to be the fav over the Diaper Genie.
  • Water Wipes: Lots of moms recommended these wipes to me as they are way less harsh on the bum.
  • Changing Pad: A changing pad + plus 2-3 covers for safe and easy diapering.
  • Top Diaper Creams: Tubby Todd (all natural), Earth Mama (organic) & Weleda (all natural). Just like the bath and body products, I purchased two different brands to test and see what works.

Health & Safety:

  • Nose Frieda: this genius tool is used to suck out their snot when they cant breathe.
  • Oogie Bear: I hear the Oogie Bear is a godsend bc their noses and ears are soooo tiny it’s hard to get in there to clean without this.


  • Zip Footie PJS: like these, because snaps are exhausting to try and figure out in the dark/middle of the night diaper changes. SO smart!
  • Kimono Style Onesies like these, for when they are SUPER new as they are MUCH easier to get over their little heads.


Oh and as a bonus, here’s some GENIUS advice I’ve received that I never would have thought of myself…

  • Buy a waterproof mattress cover for YOUR bed. Your baby will be in there a lot and you don’t want pee/spit up to ruin your own king sized mattress. 
  • Disposable changing pads: are a godsend. These are like puppy pads but for baby! Use them to go over your changing pad for a blowout diaper and also throw some in your diaper bag so you don’t have to lay your baby directly on to those DIRTY public changing pads.
  • Cloth diapers: to use as burp cloths burp cloths.  As I mentioned, I was told to have a million of these on hand. I registered for some cute Burt’s Bees ones BUT a few ladies have told me to buy cheap cloth diapers use them as burp cloths!! 


Ok moms, whats essentials have I missed? Moms-to-be, have you felt super overwhelmed by your baby registry?


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