Long before Pinterest people have been creating vision boards, carefully push pinning magazine clippings onto cork board.

My vision board is not only part of my morning self care routine, but also plays an important role throughout the entire day! While I’m working in my home office or whenever I walk by my desk and catch a glimpse of something on my vision board, it’s acts as a tangible reminder of what I want to manifest in my life and helps to inspire feelings of attaining those goals.

Why Vision Board?

A picture is worth a thousand words and a powerful tool for connecting with and influencing your non-conscious brain.

Vision boards help imprint your dreams and aspirations on the non-conscious brain. In case you didn’t know, your subconscious is responsible for 95% of how our circumstances manifest our beliefs and shape our lives.

Basically, a vision board will keep you inspired, motivated and on track!


How To Make a Vision Board?

There are no real rules when it comes to creating your vision board.

I suggest printing images from online or cutting out photos in magazines that represent specific things you wish to attract in your life! This can be anything from professional goals you wish to achieve, places you want to travel, a lifestyle you wish to attain and even material possessions you’d like to have.

If you get stuck, look for photos that represent how you want to FEEL.

Place your vision board somewhere highly visible throughout your day, like your office or bedroom.  Have fun with the display! Tape images to a wall with pretty washi tape, frame them, create a gallery wall or hang them on a wire grid like mine!

Although vision boards are super personal, here are a few things I have vibing on my vision board:

  • A photo of southern Italy, where I hope to return to very soon!
  • The home of my dreams.
  • Yoga poses to remind me to find peace and remember to practice.
  • Affirmative Quotes. My favorite reads “I am always attracting abundance.”
  • My Dream Car
  • Babeskills style polaroids to keep me inspired.

I Made My Vision Board, Now What?

Give yourself a few minutes each day, to reflect on these images.  Try to feel an emotional response from these images. Visualize yourself as having already acquired these things and as the happy, grateful person you want to be.

For example, if it’s a new car you want picture what it might feel like to hop in to your new car, grip the steering wheel and go for a drive!

Lastly, remember to have fun…you’re literally designing your future!

Care to share what’s on your vision board?